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Testimonial from Leanne V., LMHC

Kyleen’s one of those rare people who carefully combine professional excellence and a passion for ministry in a way that truly helps. It’s been my privilege to be her colleague and friend for 12 years. When I met Kyleen, she was a child life therapist, working with children with life-threatening illnesses. She understood how children’s minds and hearts develop. She walked alongside those children and their families in ways that made a permanent difference. Last month, a mother from that time in Kyleen’s life said to me, “I told (my child) I would put her on a plane to see Kyleen in a heartbeat if that would help. There’s no one I would trust more.” To trust someone with one’s child so completely, more than 10 years after their original contact, is no small thing.

Kyleen and I also served together in a ministry for children of divorce. Again, I saw her rock-solid understanding of child development beautifully mixed with compassion and grace for the children and parents we served. I experienced the delight of working alongside someone completely committed to Jesus and to His most abundant life for people who were walking through difficult struggles. In that context, Kyleen understood, for example, that children’s behavior often is the way they’re communicating what is going on inside of them. I respected the way Kyleen could hold all of that with an open hand, trusting God to bring healing in whatever way, and in whatever time, He chose.

I’ve watched Kyleen’s story unfold, and this I know: God has given Kyleen a gift for integrating all of her story in redemptive ministry. From her own story growing up, to her education and training, to mistakes she’s made and healing she’s experienced, to biblical truth, to grace received and given, Kyleen loves Christ and people very, very well.

Testimonial from L.Z.

I’ve finally started to argue less with God about His timing, because the truth is that He is always right on time. When storms have passed, and I’m able to drift peacefully on calm waters, I can see that He is good, and He was there, even in the midst of the waves.

My divorce came as a surprise, although it was many years in the making—the result of dual dysfunction and an inability to get “unstuck.” I was like a deer in the headlights, and really didn’t know how or if I would be okay. Because God showed up, my season of dismay was short-lived. My troops rallied. My prayer warriors rose up. My community supported, encouraged, and spoke words of life and hope over me in a way that still gives me chills. Over and over again, in exactly the perfect timing, God sent His people to love on me, and to lift me up.

Fast forward through the muck, the grief, the shame, the healing…..I met a man who became my husband, loves me with a Jesus kind of love, and we married. (That’s another redemption story all its’ own!)

He has three kids, and I have one. We began to blend….and at times, the overwhelm was fierce. I guess I didn’t get the “Family Blending, 101” handbook because once again, I was a deer in the headlights….and once again, God showed up. Through a friend of a friend of a friend…..He introduced me to Kyleen.

We call each other “Soul Sister,” because that’s exactly what we are. As I write this, we are yet to meet face to face….our only communication has been over the phone or via text. The lack of face time, though, has had zero impact on Kyleen’s powerful presence and voice of hard-fought wisdom that she shares freely with me each time we speak. This woman has a heart of gold, and a backbone of steel. She is wise beyond her years, and though her words are tough and poignant, she delivers them with a sweetness that lets me know everything is gonna be okay. I can share experience after experience with her regarding the blending of my new family, and she not only relates, she breathes truth and life into my worn-out spirit. She is gifted in this way, and I knew it the first time we spoke. “FINALLY!! SOMEONE GETS IT,” I thought! She not only gets it, she has darn near perfected the art of blending a family. I know there is no such thing as perfection, but the power and beauty with which she has navigated such uncharted territories of her own is absolutely inspiring.

This broken world is a breeding ground for the destruction of lives; of families; of hearts. Divorce is becoming common place. People need a guidebook, and Kyleen is writing it. Her bravery in sharing her story so that others can benefit is something I aspire to. I’m so thankful for my friend, Kyleen, and if you’re reading this, I’m betting you will be, too!

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