About Blended Family Hope

We believe God’s desire is for every family to thrive, in light of His redemption. The Blended Family Hope team offers guidance to help you cultivate the godly family you desire and gain practical tools to connect with your step kids at every age (yes, even difficult teenagers!)

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Kyleen became a stepmom to 3 children when she married her husband, Toby, almost 10 years ago.. They have a child together who is now 6 years old, and they’re in the process of adopting. Kyleen spent the early years of stepfamily life experiencing the common struggles most stepmoms face and learning how to navigate the unfamiliar journey. She focused on cultivating healthy bonds in her new family and found many of the same strategies from her career as a former child life therapist effective to help her step kids adjust and strengthen her family.

While working as a child life therapist, Kyleen helped develop a bereavement program for children and families who had experienced loss. She was involved in ministries that encompassed closed small groups, Celebrate Recovery and individual counseling services. She helped launch and lead Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K) Ministry and Life Hurts God Heals, a program for children of parents in Celebrate Recovery.

In recent years she’s merged her background with helping children and families cope, with her first hand experience as a stepmom, to launch a community where blended families can learn how to connect and live with freedom.

“As the President of Blended Family Hope, my aim is helping others know Jesus and experience success in their blended family.”

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