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Our goal for you is simple:
Joy-Filled Endurance.


Whether you’re new to ministry or you’ve been serving 40+ years, we want to help your family thrive in every season of ministry!

How we do that is simple. We celebrate your family! No strings attached.

(here’s a couple ways)

Family Trips: No sessions or program agenda, just an expenses paid family trip! Yes, for real! We sincerely believe in the value of giving your family time to just be… family.  Oh, and have some serious fun doing it!  

PK/MK Retreats: Fun camp experience for pastor’s / missionary kids and includes adventure activities and games, awesome worship, and smaller group sessions to help your children have a safe and needed place to connect with other pastor’s kids!  {6th - 12th grade}



It’s essential to connect with other families in ministry, who can relate, along your journey!  It’s a must to have a safe place to share struggles and find support.  We’re here for you! We’d love to hop on a confidential call, and even link you with others who share your journey.


With over 1500 pastors leaving the ministry every month, 48% of ministry marriages ending in divorce, and 70% report constantly fighting depression, we know there’s no greater calling, still it can be heavy.  It’s vital to find hope-filled communities where you and your family can experience joy, stay free, and finish strong.