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Ready to connect better with your step kids and live with joy, regardless of the circumstances? We can help. Let’s get started!

Maybe your blended family involves divorce, maybe it doesn’t.

Perhaps you’ve always been a single parent, or perhaps you’ve grieved the death of a spouse. No matter how you got to where you are today, it’s unfamiliar territory, and there are common struggles all blended families face.

I get it! I’ve been there, and I’ve seen first hand how implanting some simple things into our family made such a positive difference.

Here, you’ll find a confidential place to talk through challenges with another stepmom who understands, and get honest and practical help with:

Positive Parenting Tips to help you connect with your stepkids
Co-parenting Support & Tools
Building a godly marriage



It’s important to have other God-centered blended families for encouragement, support and prayer. If you have specific situations you'd like guidance on, or for more in-depth support, we offer one-on-one confidential calls. We can also help connect you with other parents who share a similar family make-up.  

With over 15 years helping children and families, we’re honored to help! 


With over 62% of families in America living in some type of blended family home, many are looking for ways to build strong marriages and help children thrive.  Here are some great resources to equip you to build the well-connected you desire.

These faith-based resources will help you find ways to heal from your past, hold a high view of marriage, and find joy within your blended family.

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